October 6, 2015

California State Floral Association receives 2014 Specialty Crop Block Grant Program Award

The California State Floral Association (CSFA) is pleased to announce it has just received word from the California Department of Food & Agriculture that CSFA’s “Random Acts of Flowers – Getting Social” Grant Proposal was selected to receive a 2014 Specialty Crop Block Grant Program (SCBGP) award in the amount of $396,000.

CSFA EVP, Ann Quinn, commended the hard working team of Nick Matteis (CSFA), Project Manager, and Adrienne Young (Adrienne Young Communications) on their diligence in bringing this project to fruition.

Quinn stated: “This project will create economic opportunities for the California floral industry through market development activities that focus on the United States market and enhance consumer awareness and the visibility and purchase of California flowers. The goal of this program is to increase sales of California grown flowers by turning moderate flower purchasers into heavy users who purchase fresh flowers at least once a week through a florist or retail store. The target for the program is to increase flower sales by five percent overall. The project will provide consumers with content focused on incorporating flowers into their daily lives. The program is designed to connect farmers to consumers by using social media to create opportunities highlighting production practices, individual farms, and growing locations through blog posts and social media posts. The project will also educate industry on available social media marketing tools to incorporate into their overall marketing strategies.”

CSFA President Wilton Lee commended the CSFA staff involved with the preparation of the “Random Acts of Flowers – Getting Social” Grant Proposal noting, “this is a banner day for the floral industry”.

The California floral industry consists of 250 – 275 California flower farms and 20,000 California floral outlets. The annual farm gate value of California flowers and foliage is approximately $330 million dollars and California accounts for 80 percent of domestic production. This project will benefit the California floral industry in the following ways:

  1. Create an online social media promotion that will focus on the U.S. market and enhance the competitiveness of the California floral industry by increasing consumer awareness and the visibility and purchase of California flowers.
  2. This project will benefit the floral industry by educating consumers on where floral product is grown and give them the opportunity to make educated decisions on the selection and purchase of California grown flowers.
  3. This project will make available to all floral industry members education opportunities which will focus on social media strategies and how they fit into an overall marketing strategy.
  4. A flower mobile application will be developed to inform U.S. consumers of California flower availability and suggested varieties for any occasion enhancing the visibility and purchase of California flowers.