Common Name: Lisianthus, Prairie Gentian, Texas bluebell, Tulip gentian, Bluebells, Lira de San Pedro

Botanical Name: Lisianthus grandiflorum

Family: Gentianaceae

Native: United States, South America and Mexico

Colors: White, pink, yellow, green, orange, mauve, coral, lavender and purple

Description: The Lisianthus flower has ruffly petals and bell-shaped flower heads. Lisianthus has yellow and green pollen with thin stems. The Lisianthus flower comes in single and double forms with five to ten blooms per stem.

Shelf Life Tips: Lisianthus can last one to two weeks in a vase.

Fun Facts: Lisianthus is the birth flower for Sagittarius. Lisianthus comes from the Greek words lysis, meaning dissolution and anthos, meaning flower.

In Season: Year round