Irises have one flower with three sepals per each tall stem.


Waxflowers are actually a shrub with small delicate flowers and round waxy petals.

Spider Mum

The curved petals of this Mum are spider-like. The petals are long and narrow and become longer as the petals reach the outside of the flower head. 


Hypericum has clusters of berry like balls on top of bright green leaves and a sturdy stem.

Button Pom

The Button Pom has tightly formed petals that form a circle or sphere shaped flower head.

Cushion Pom

The Cushion Pom has small petals in the middle of the flower and the petals gradually become larger toward the outer edges of the flower.

Daisy Pom

Daisy Poms have a classic daisy shape with a smaller flower head set on a sturdy stem.


The Freesia has a tall curved stem with several trumpet-shaped flowers and buds on one side.


Crocosmia has arching spikes of vibrant tube-shaped blossoms grown on a tall stem with sword-shaped foliage.


Hydrangeas have a large head full of star-shaped flowers that form a pompom and top off a sturdy wooden stem.