Common Name: Poppy, Golden Poppy, Flame Flower, Flanders Poppy, Corn Poppy, Iceland Poppy, Oriental Poppy

Botanical Name: Papaver rhoeas

Family: Papaveraceae

Native: North America

Colors: Gold, bronze, rose, white

Description: The Poppy has wide fan-shaped petals with many visible stamens and bright green foliage. There is one flower on top of a very long stem which can reach up to 4 feet tall.

Shelf Life Tips: Cut Poppies have a vase life of one to two weeks.

Fun Facts: The Poppy is California’s State flower. April 6th is California Poppy Day. May 13-18 is California Poppy Week. Oriental Poppies are very poisonous if ingested.

In Season: Spring-Summer