Common Name: Rose, Rosa, Garden Rose, Modern Shrub Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa

Family: Rosaceae

Native: North America, Africa and the Northern Hemisphere

Colors: Red, white, cream, yellow, orange, pink, red, burgundy, lavender and various shades of each color

Description: Roses have high petal counts and when the flower blooms it opens into a large flower head.

Shelf Life Tips: The vase life of a rose ranges from three to fourteen days. Roses are ethylene sensitive. Use flower food in vase water.

Fun Facts: The most popular types of roses are Tea, Spray and Sweetheart Roses. The Rose is the state flower for New York. There is fossil evidence that the Rose existed over 30 million years ago. The Rose is known as the “Queen of Flowers”. Rose meanings are dependent on the color of the rose, ranging from the red Rose which symbolizes love to yellow Roses which symbolize friendship.

In Season: Year round