Common Name: Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa

Family: Liliaceae

Native: Central Asia but didn’t reach it’s popularity until traveling to the Netherlands. 

Colors: Various shades of blue violet, pink, red, lilac, yellow, orange, and white.

Description: Tulips bloom with large six-petal flowers in an incredible range of colors, height and floral shapes. One flower per sturdy stem can appear like a cup, lily or inverted ruffled skirt. As one of the first signs of spring, tulips bloom early spring to early summer.

Shelf Life Tips: Fresh cut tulips will last for up to 10 days in a vase before wilting. To extend shelf life, wrap the stem ends with a wet paper towel until moving flower into a clean vase. Cut 1/4 inch off the stem ends before placing in vase. This will allow the stalk to take up water. Choose a vase that is about 50% the height of the tulips to help prop in vase. Fill the vase with cold water and add fresh cut perservatives. Remove the paper towel from the stems and arrange in vase. Place floral vase in a cool spot away from heat. Add water daily to vase to keep it mostly filled.

Fun Facts: Did you know tulips were once the most expensive flower. Today, there are over 150 species of tulips and over 3,000 different varieties. The tulip petals are edible and can replace onions in some of your favorite dishes.

In Season: Year round