May 17, 2016

Memorial Day Wreaths


Memorial Day is a time to honor our fallen heroes, and this quick and easy wreath is a festive way to do just that and brighten your front door.

Supplies Needed

  • 24” wet foam wreath. Any shape is fine, but we wanted to add a different flare and used an oval wreath.
  • Floral clippers and scissors
  • Your choice of ribbon color
  • 3 small USA flags
  • California grown red Roses
  • California grown blue Delphinium
  • California grown Baby’s Breath
  • California grown greenery
  • 7F0A9710

    Step one

    After soaking your wreath, cut your roses approximately 1-2” below the bloom and insert in the wreath.


    For our wreath we spaced out our roses evenly around the wreath and then added a cluster of roses opposite each other to add a point of visual interest.


    Step Two

    Repeat the same process with the blue Delphinium.


    Step Three

    Add your baby’s breath and greenery. *Helpful hint- Be sure to angle each piece so that it adds texture and dimension. This also helps cover the foam better so you use less flowers and save money. Also as an extra precaution use some spray glue for flowers to help keep the flowers firmly in place. The glue can be found online or at any floral supply store.


    Step Four

    Add your flags, insert them into the foam in any design of your choice. We also added a festive red bow to our wreath.



    Step Five

    Place your wreath on your front door and watch how many of your neighbors compliment you on your fresh California grown wreath!

    As always be sure to tag us at #CSFA and show us your awesome creations using the best of what the State of California has to offer.

    Love. Flowers. Always.