July 24, 2017

Same Flowers – Three Different Looks

We’ve all been there. We purchase the same flowers each time we visit the florist and put them in the same old vase and then set them in the same old place. Let’s add some spunk to that routine by using that old cliché of thinking outside the box.

We recently purchased some summer themed California grown Mini Sunflowers, Sunflowers, Delphinium, Viking Mums and Chamomile and decided that it would be fun to showcase the same flowers by designing three different looks and using three different containers.

-For our first look we used an old milk vase that used to be my grandmothers. It used to hold the same silk flowers (I’m embarrassed to say for years) on top of a kitchen cabinet. I decided to dust it off and add some color to our shop sink.



Because this vase is tall, we kept our stems long and added a lot of the filler flowers to add fullness.

When we were done, we added the finished piece to our sink. It is so nice to look at something pretty while doing a dirty chore.

_DSC0143 finishedsink

For our second look we decided to move the typical flower arrangement from outside the home and into the office. So many times, we forget how much time we spend in a windowless office and how nice it is to bring the outdoors in. It really does improve your mood and work environment.

For this design we used the same flowers but jazzed it up with cool crackled round vase. We cut the stems much shorter and held them into place by creating a grid system with waterproof floral tape.

tapecopper _DSC0001 (1)

When we finished the design we brought it into one of our offices and it immediately brightened up the room!


For our final arrangement we brought it back home for a dinner party. While it is customary to have a centerpiece when you are entertaining, we thought we’d change it up a bit and instead of using a traditional vase we decided to use an old serving tray to hold our arrangement to keep with our vintage summer theme.

We started out by soaking some floral foam and cutting it to fit. Note of interest- If your container is not waterproof be sure to line it with a water protective barrier.



Once the foam is in place we began to add our flowers.

_DSC0024 _DSC0030 _DSC0032

When we were finished we had a great piece that had our guests talking!


finishedfull finishedright

Just because you’ve always done it one way doesn’t mean you can’t spice things up with something new and different. We simply took items that we already had in our home and visualized where we would like to showcase our gorgeous California grown flowers.

Ideas abound and don’t let our three ideas stop you. Old tin cans, wine bottles, flower pots, carafes, and pitchers are some other fun ideas to let your creative side shine through. Who doesn’t love flowers on their nightstands, coffee table, restroom, or buffet?   The more the merrier so don’t be afraid to bring in your vessel(s) of choice to your florist. They love to design and would love to create something just for you with fresh California grown flowers.


Love. Flowers. Always.


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