Calla Lily

The Calla Lily has a long sturdy single stem with a large trumpet-shaped flower surrounding a yellow stamen.


Hyacinth flowers are shaped like a starfish and bloom in closely compacted clusters on a thick stem.


Anemones are delicate saucer-shaped flowers with long stems that resemble poppies.

Aster Matsumoto

The Aster Matsumoto has a large bright flower that has a distinct yellow center of florets with a long, sturdy stem.


Aster flowers have brightly colored petals that surround a bunch of tiny tube-like flowers grouped together that are always yellow.

Oriental Lily

Oriental lilies have very large elegant blooms that top off tall plants and are extremely scented.

Asiatic Lily

Asiatic lilies have a classic lily shaped flower that face up.


Acacia flowers bloom into puffy ball-shaped clusters along the stems and smell really sweet.


Snapdragon flowers are bright, large and tubular.


Dendrobium Orchids have long stems with multiple vibrant flowers on each stem.