July 9, 2017

Decorating Your Wedding Cake


Not all wedding cakes are created equal. We all know there are many decisions when it comes to choosing your cake. Red Velvet vs. Chocolate. Fondant vs. Buttercream. Stacked vs. Risers. Of course the biggest decision….how to decorate your cake with California Grown flowers. Couples have many choices when it comes to deciding. Toppers, cascades, color spots, wreaths, etc.… We decided to add a simple centered swag of flowers to our wedding cake below but by all means scour the internet to get inspired. Whatever technique you decide, the method we used below will apply. It’s easier than it looks and could save you a lot of money on your wedding day!

What You’ll Need-

  • Wedding cake (obvious we know)
  • Saran wrap
  • Clippers
  • California Grown Flowers (For our cake we used Succulents, Seeded Eucalyptus, and peach Roses)


Getting Started-

When deciding which flowers to use, it’s usually best to try and use organic California Grown flowers. A professional florist should have access to vendors who grow these flowers. They will be free of pesticides and chemicals, since they are being placed on the actual cake. It is also fun to use edible flowers. Not only do they look gorgeous on cakes but they are yummy too. Check out our previous blog here for some unique varieties that are California Grown.

Also think about the style and color of your cake when deciding which flowers to use. Do you want a pop of color or a subtle hint of pastels? Do you want to match colors and textures, or create a tasteful contrast?

Step One-

Once you’ve procured your California Grown flowers, be sure to rinse each bloom in a light stream of cool water. Bugs have been known to hide in the flower petals.


IMG_1764 (2)

Step Two-

After the flowers have dried, cut each stem about 2-3 inches from the bloom and wrap with saran wrap. Doing this prevents any seeping of botanical elements into your cake that might change the taste of your cake.

IMG_1763 IMG_1762 IMG_1761

Step Three-

Insert the flowers into the cake. Decide where you want the flowers to go and push the flower stem down into the cakes surface. Stop just beneath the blossom so that the stem is not visible. Repeat as desired to create the look you want.

Don’t worry if you make a mistake, it is easy to correct by adding another flower or a piece of greenery. See our “oopsie” in the photos below.


As you can see the frosting is a bit smudged. But not to worry. We arranged our design to hide the mistake and no one was the wiser.


IMG_1757 IMG_1755 (3) IMG_1754

Step Four-

Display your cake on a gorgeous cake stand, wood slice, or old wooden farm box. Don’t be afraid to get creative. There are a ton of options, so look around your house for inspiration or contact your local florist. Chances are they carry items that they would be glad to let you borrow or rent.

IMG_1753 IMG_1750 IMG_1749

Here’s hoping your wedding cake is as sweet as your love.

Love. Flowers. Always.